24/08/2020: Summer Raceday

  • Start of the event: , starting time of the 1st race:

  • Admission: 8,-- Euro (5,-- Euro für Menschen mit Behinderung) incl. Programmheft und Tribünensitzplatz

  • Children/Juveniles: Admission is free for persons up to and including 17 years of age.

  • Dogs: Dogs are allowed, they must be kept on a lead.

  • Visitor parking: The parking lot for visitors is 50 metres from the main entrance (access visitor parking »).

  • Parking for active participants: The parking lot for trainers, jockeys, owners, stewards and officials is located at Akazienalle 80-82 (access parking for active participants »).


1st race: Preis von wettstar.de

2nd race: Preis der Dr. Starke Chemische Industrie und Mineralöl GmbH

3rd race: Gestüt Niederrhein - Berberis-Rennen

4th race: 80 Jahre Uwe Ostmann-Rennen

5th race: Preis von ONEXTWO.de

6th race: 80 Jahre Bruce Hellier-Rennen

7th race: Preis vom Robert Schlüter Pferdeservice

8th race: Preis der Emil Stinshoff Pferdetransporte

9th race: Preis der Sport-Welt

10th race: RaceBets Stutenpreis (ex Hoppegartener Stutenpreis)

11th race: Preis der Anhänger- und Fahrzeugbau Meierling, Hagen

12th race: Preis vom L.C. protective service Sicherheitsdienst, Hagen

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